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illustration PULMATOP®

PULMATOP® is a unique product suitable for all ruminants to help them to cope with difficult periods: chills and variations in temperature; humid environment during the Autumn period; grouping of animals (stabling, batching of bullocks), weaning, etc.

PULMATOP® is a cocktail of active agents that help to maintain the health of the animal's immune system. Its antioxidants help to combat oxidative stress and boost the immune defences.

Trials have shown that PULMATOP® improves the immune system's response to external attack and also helps to limit the impact of chills and humidity.

illustration Amaferm®
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Amaferm® is a 100% natural zootechnical additive obtained from the fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae. It acts by stimulating the development of the fungal population present in the rumen which, through enzymatic secretions, enables the cellulose present in fodder to be made digestible. In this way, Amaferm® enables the fibrous part of the ration to be made more digestible. Analyses carried out on more than 150 samples of hay and corn silage have enabled this effect on digestibility to be measured: + 7 points in NDF digestibility (dNDF) with corn silage and + 14 points with hay. However, this improvement in the digestibility of the fibre has a direct impact on milk production performance: 1 additional point in dNDF enables an extra 0.25 litres of milk to be produced.

From an economic perspective, the incorporation of Amaferm® in the ration helps to improve the margin of the dairy plant. Results generally observed show a gain of 3 to 4 times the initial investment. 


illustration VIR’AG®
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VIR’AG®: everything that comes out of the cow reflects what's happening inside

The fatty acids in milk are excellent indicators of the cow's metabolism and help to determine how the rumen is functioning. However, the fatty acids provided through basic laboratory analyses do not provide a sufficiently precise analysis of the livestock situation.

Provimi offers a unique software application, VIR’AG®, a veritable model for predicting the functioning of the cow's rumen. VIR’AG® takes account of what the cow produces (based on an analysis of the milk: fatty acids as well as fat content, protein content, urea, etc.) as well as what it eats (the ration), which is the reason for its accuracy and uniqueness in the market.

VIR’AG® is a genuine diagnostic tool for livestock production that satisfies the needs of producers: what levers can I work on to increase production? How can I improve my animals' reproduction? How can I reduce the sensitivity of my animals?... VIR’AG® offers 4 indicators of how the animal is functioning, rated 1 to 10 for ease of use and interpretation: herd health, milk quality, zootechnical performance and environmental performance. Each analysis enables accurate tracking of indicators and corrective action to be taken according to the changes and results observed: switch to new corn silage, change of ration, tendency towards an increased cell count in the milk.

Using the VIR’AG® software and approach is about giving yourself the tools to understand your herd enabling you to respond and act to develop and improve the profitability of your farm.



illustration Fertimmun®

Improve the fertility of dairy cows with FERTIMMUN®

Improving the fertility of the herd is one of the objectives of many livestock farmers. To cater to this need, Provimi presents trials conducted on some of its network of experimental farms. Dairy cows, divided into 2 groups, were monitored: cows from the "control" group received a standard feed; those from the "trial" group received feed containing FERTIMMUN®. These trials highlight a marked improvement in the success rate at 1st time AI (+57%) and the number of pregnant cows at 120 days (+47%).

As well as providing the additional energy and by-pass proteins required at the start of lactation, Fertimmun® helps to boost immunity through, among other things, use of new natural antioxidants. These very promising results serve to underpin the objective of developing a new type of production feed, thereby enabling the "fertility" needs articulated by many livestock farmers to be satisfied. 

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illustration Mozaïc®
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As a leading light in the ruminant feed market, MOZAIC® has reaffirmed its top-of-the-range positioning with its new maximum trace element assimilation concept: INTELLIGO.

Trace element deficiencies are a lot more common than you would think: too low distribution (suckling cows, heifers, dry cows, etc.), poor absorption or antagonism with certain elements of the ration, all cases that require an examination of the bioavailability of minerals in trace elements.

Provimi innovates by offering INTELLIGO in its MOZAIC® range, a source of trace elements that stand out due to their solubility and bioavailability. Copper and zinc are known for their ability to affect the microbial flora, even at low doses. Unlike other typical sources of minerals (oxide, sulphate, etc.), INTELLICUIVRE is only soluble in the abomasum and therefore does not in any way harm the flora in the rumen. INTELLIZINC is also more soluble in the abomasum and is therefore easier than zinc oxide for the animal to absorb.

INTELLIGO are intelligent trace elements that are absorbed where and when they should be for maximum absorption and greater efficiency on the farm. The amounts have been carefully thought out and wastage limited to ultimately ensure improved results and greater savings.



illustration NEWBORN PIGLETS

A success story: reduced antibiotic usage in piglet feed

Provimi offers a range of piglet feed centred on reduced antibiotic usage. The company is therefore fully compliant with the implementation of the ministerial "ECOANTIBIO" plan which supports alternative initiatives and innovations.

The Provimi France Pig team has therefore created a strategy organised around 5 levers and which is accompanied by recommendations for farm management:

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- Quality of the protein: nothing revolutionary there you might say, but it involves aiming for the lowest possible level of non-digestible proteins (a feature of Provimi's formulation) to limit the negative effects of proteolytic fermentation in the large intestine. This ensures more nutrients for growth.

- Prohacid® Excel: an organic acid and essential-oil-based nutritional solution which is intended to act on the flora and immune system.

- Fermentable fibre: we recommend an exclusive source of fibre, selected for its fermentability. It has the same role as a prebiotic and contributes to the proper regulation of the intestinal ecosystem.

- Functional fibre: this is fibre that, through its physical action, helps to facilitate digestive transit from the stomach. The purpose of this fibre is to divide up feed uptake without reducing consumption.

- Inflammation control: the ingredients used in the digestive security mix are selected according to an internal Provimi Group screening process and enable us to combat inflammation in synergy with all of the other levers.

This original formulation strategy avoids having to choose between digestive safety and performance. Both can be reconciled thanks to a perfect understanding of the digestibility of the raw materials, the digestive physiology of the pig and good livestock management.

illustration EmbryoVit®

EmbryoVit® is a nutritional solution developed by Provimi to improve the growth, vitality and litter weaning weight of piglets. Its composition, combined with Provimi's support with feed formulation for pregnant sows, enables targeted action, in utero.

A study based on several field trials conducted by Provimi demonstrates the effectiveness of the EmbryoVit® strategy. These trials compared a control regime with increased levels of vitamin E and polyphenols with a trial regime enhanced with EmbryoVit®.

EmbryoVit® limits methylation deficiency and has a positive effect on placental function, resulting in better quality piglets as the attached graphs show. EmbryoVit® promotes increased total births and live births, thereby enabling a gain in litter weight. At the same time, it also reduces losses at 48 hours enabling more piglets to be weaned.

illustration ColostrActiv®

ColostrActiv® has an impact, via the sow, on the survival of newborn piglets. This nutritional solution is used around the lactation phase to boost the immune quantity and quality of the colostrum and milk produced. This innovation improves the survival rate (+ 0.6 weaned per litter) as well as litter weight at D4 (+ 1.4 kg) or at weaning (+ 4.4 kg). The overall results after one year of sales of ColostrActiv® are spectacular, with more than 22,000 sows or 50,000 lactations having received this feeding programme. Alexandre Marion, Head of Pork Products, shares some of the feedback received from users which speaks for itself: "We are seeing better milk uptake and more sustained production. The piglets in the maternity unit look good and quickly take on a nice shape."

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illustration OPTIPONTE® PRO

OPTIPONTE® PRO is a unique software programme that gives you an immediate concrete overview of French egg production.

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The purpose of OPTIPONTE® PRO is to build an extremely comprehensive technical database and assemble analyses of numerous French laying hen farms. Accessible via internet, free and easy to use, farmers or producer organisations will be able to record their own production results and compare them with the other results in the database.

- Comparisons between batches within the same farm

- Comparison of batches from one's own farm with those in the database

- Comparison of batches with strain standards

Finally, producers are able to see and analyse their opportunities for improvement... leading to greater profitability!

The data remains the property of the farmers and the comparisons are anonymous.