Provimi : shaping tomorrow's nutrition (A Cargill Company)


Our R&D is focused on the development of nutritional know-how that is environmentally-friendly, contributes to food security and generates profits for our customers. The feeds and nutritional programmes are developed to optimise our customers' results by adapting to their specific local context.

Provimi benefits from unrivalled innovation resources:

  • 600 technicians and specialists
  • More than 700 trials per year
  • 15 research stations in 10 countries
  • 15 million euros in investments per year

Global research validated at local level

Provimi's strength lies in the international synergies between the subsidiaries of the Group.The jointly-developed NIR analysis department comprises a network of more than 300 interconnected tools. There are numerous research stations. They are used to develop and prove the effectiveness of Provimi innovations.



Velddriel research and innovation centre

In France, and internationally, R&D starts with an overall analysis. The 3 research and innovation centres identify the most effective ingredients thanks to screening technology. They also define the best nutritional strategies or most efficient farming practices.

The innovations of the Group are then validated locally in the applied research centres.






Field validations for each animal type

For ruminants, several large-sized standard farms enable all of the solutions proposed for the sector to be validated.

For pigs, it is links with leading farms such as agricultural colleges, public bodies or indirect farm customers that are relied upon to prove, under typical conditions, the effectiveness of the solutions proposed.

In poultry, Provimi France relies on the Cugand Technology Application Centre (French department of Vendée), a farm where 2 buildings, fitted with modular compartments, are dedicated to the conduct of trials.


Technology Application Centre – Cugand (Vendée)