Provimi : shaping tomorrow's nutrition (A Cargill Company)

Our services

  • Development Service

Management of the matrix
Development of effective feed programmes
Creation of nutritional innovations and services
Provision of support to your employees on the ground
Approved technical training for your teams and customers

  • Sales and Marketing Service

Conducting marketing studies
Creating personalised communication tools
Design of commercial action plans
Sales training for your teams

  • Laboratory Service

Analyses of finished products, raw materials and fodder using near-infrared spectroscopy
Rapid analysis of mycotoxins
Development and monitoring of factory inspection plans
Online communication of results of analyses (

  • Customer Formulation Service

Competitiveness of formula and major responsiveness
Advice on choice of raw materials or on technological constraints
Updating of matrices
Computerised transfer of formulation data
Adaptation to local specifications
Regulatory monitoring