Provimi : shaping tomorrow's nutrition (A Cargill Company)

Innovative products and services

Provimi France's mission is to create, with feed producers and distributors, effective nutritional programmes that are of benefit to the sectors. To do this, Provimi relies on the research of the Cargill Group and the know-how of its teams of engineers and nutritionists.

Today, more than 10 million tons of feed throughout the world is produced with Provimi France premixes. The Group is also a leader in the bovine minerals market. Globally, more than 60 million tons are manufactured using Cargill techniques. This is the result of our closeness and continual responsiveness to our customers.

Our values

Provimi France:

  • Is committed as a supplier of nutritional solutions, the preferred partner of feed producers and distributors.
  • Favours an approach involving adaptation and proximity with innovation transfer to improve the techno-economic performance of farms and develop the activity of its partners.
  • Offers a complete range of services: technical expertise, advice on livestock farming, rations and formulation to its partners.
  • Designs effective nutritional programmes for all animal types and in a wide variety of livestock farming environments.

30 expert technicians, engineers and veterinarians are at the service of more than 400 partners both in France and abroad.